Apr 5, 2012

Easter Macarons

I didnt wanted to stay out this Easter and seeing all enjoying a good chocolate egg and me just looking at them, therefore I decided to make Macarons. You can make an infinite number of flavours and colors. There are many combinations that can be done and the colors are amazing!

After my brainstorming I stayed with two gorgeous pastries, Louis Ernest Ladurée and Pierre Hermé.

Im not gonna say it was easy to make them as it took me around 6 hours, and on top of that (it was my first time making them) I went for 3 flavours and 3 colors, amaretti, almonds and hazelnuts in soft pink, turquoise and brown... nooo if I think Im a super women that can do everything!! 

The recipe I followed is from Pierre Hermé. You can easly find it on internet.

Try making them, it takes time but its a lot of fun and nothing better than having Lalalovers on the background while you make this delicious sweets!


-Pictures of my macarons coming soon-

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