May 26, 2012

We are the "A" TEAM

As soon as I saw them, I felt in love! They go perfect with ultra washed cigarette jeans, black leather pants and of course with my new (looking old) jean shorts....!!! ;-) cant wait... Next tuesday will be standing in the closet! Another relic of mine!

I already have the prefect outfit for them! ohhhhh so many looks... nice nice nice

styles + pics SOON!

Maggie xxx

May 8, 2012

Met Gala 2012

Last night was supposed to be THE fashion night! But... Didn't seem like to me!
Most of the dresses didn´t say anything... except for one that for my personal taste was very sexy, stylish and different!

Karolina Kurkova by Rachel Zoe. Turban + dress, 20s inspired outfit, definitely the most dramatic look from the red carpet.

Maggie x

May 7, 2012

My macarons

Second try was just perfect! I even dared to make 6 different ones!

Yay for me!


May 6, 2012


Superga. I♥Them!

This brand is nothing new, we all saw it years and years ago... What I like from it is how simple they are, and they are available in a large number of colors and textures, for women, men and kids.

Alexa Chung is the face of this Italian footwear. She was their star on their 100th anniversary collection, which was a success. Alexa and Superga got to work so good together that she is not only the model of the brand, as well the director of the stylish laid-back shoot for the summer 2012 ad campaign, that was shotted in Miami alongside with photographer Guy Aroch, but now, also she became the Creative Director for the label.

For me, simple is clasy and will always stay around!

Maggie xxx

Isabet Marant sneakers, love them or hate them!

In the past european/american winter we saw a lot of people and celebrities wearing them. This is the typical fashion accessory that you love or hate. Nothing between. I never wanted to make a post about as Im not fan of them, not at all... But heyyy thanks God we dont have all the same taste, how boring that would be! But I guess if their sells are going so good its because theres a range of girls that like them.

And plus... for terrible shoes, I already got two ugly pairs... the Uggs boots, that my God they are ugly but they are the warmest shoes ever! Thats why...with two ridiculous shoes I have enough... hahaha :-)

Are you one of the lovers or the haters?

Maggie xxx