Dec 31, 2010

‎"Have you lived ten thousand days, or one day ten thousand times?..."

Dec 9, 2010 :: graphic design


Tarde en el parque!


After so much time looking other blogs, today I decided to start mine, named ESQUINA STOMPAERT!!! (I will tell  you later on why that name).

I moved from Spain 3 months ago to Belgium, following Yannick, the love of my life. He is the sweetest person ever, I love him to die, we´ve been together already for 6 years and he´s the best thing that happened to me, hope he thinks the same about me ;-) hahah

So here is were the blog name comes across, after days of looking for an apartment with Mutsi (Yannick´s mother) we found the one! In the Stompaertshoek street (shoek in flemish :: corner  in english :: esquina in spanish). Small but cute! modern and full of light in our new city, our new home, Mechelen. 

In this blog you will find everything about my world, things that I love, things that inspire me as traveling, food, design, styles, music, photography, dimyself, people and life. 

About me? Im Maggie, 26 years old (becoming 27 in one week), I am a graphic designer born in Buenos Aires, grown up in Spain, and now living in Belgium :-)!

I believe in pink and in miracles, and that love lasts forever!


Si, si... han llegado los famosos 30 para Yannick!