Apr 13, 2012

Apr 11, 2012

Bongo I ♥ you

How cool are this shoes! Im definitely gonna order a pair! or maybe 2! or who knows... all of them! Typically me... when I like something I tend to get it in every color thats available! ;-)!

Made in Buenos Aires.




Even their logo is a cutie!!

Apr 10, 2012

Olivia Palermo

She definitely knows how to dress... She´s always right with her wardrobe!

One day without shoes...

Toms shoes its an amercian brand created in 2006. The aim of this brand is to help kids... how? by giving them something so basic as a pair of shoes. Their philosophy is "One for One", this means for each pair of shoes they sell, they give one to a child in need!

Do you imagen yourself going without shoes? I mean... not on the beach or at home, DAILY, ALWAYS! This kids never had a pair of shoes, or maybe yes but not in good conditions!

In the States, its already a big hit. In october 2011 they already donated 2 million of this shoes to those kids without shoes!

My favourite ones...


With our help they can walk as we do, with shoes!



Apr 9, 2012

LV “Creatures” series by Billie Achilleos

LV celebrated its 100th Anniversary last 3rd october during Paris Fashion Week. The chosen artist to reflect this important Anniversary was Billie Achilleos -UK. (

A total of 29 amazing looking animals were made of LV small leather goods. The exposition was displayed at the historical Deyrolle House -Founded in 1831, in the heart of the 7th Paris District-.

Wild animals was the concept/inspiration for this Anniversary. Shape lifelike pangolin, chameleon, rattlesnakes, grasshoppers and other inspects, all part of the classic LV leather products.

What a great concept to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the brand!

Images courtesy of LV.


Apr 8, 2012

Pardon My French by Garance Doré

Garance Doré presents episode one of her new fashion series Pardon My French, covering Paris fashion week.

+ info...


I recently discovered this New York brand called Tibi. Founded by desginer Amy Smilovic in 1997 while she was living abroad in Hong Kong. The brand has the the cutest summer collection ever and of course Olivia Palermo wears it...

My favourite ones below...

One is not enough! SS12 Bag Guide

Apr 5, 2012

Easter Macarons

I didnt wanted to stay out this Easter and seeing all enjoying a good chocolate egg and me just looking at them, therefore I decided to make Macarons. You can make an infinite number of flavours and colors. There are many combinations that can be done and the colors are amazing!

After my brainstorming I stayed with two gorgeous pastries, Louis Ernest Ladurée and Pierre Hermé.

Im not gonna say it was easy to make them as it took me around 6 hours, and on top of that (it was my first time making them) I went for 3 flavours and 3 colors, amaretti, almonds and hazelnuts in soft pink, turquoise and brown... nooo if I think Im a super women that can do everything!! 

The recipe I followed is from Pierre Hermé. You can easly find it on internet.

Try making them, it takes time but its a lot of fun and nothing better than having Lalalovers on the background while you make this delicious sweets!


-Pictures of my macarons coming soon-


Os dejo un video que me pareció genial!!


+ info

And a shoes lover!

Definitely! How fashion changes its incredible... every combination is acceptable now a days!

Shoes by Jazmín Chebar

Im a bag lover

Como un bolso cambia tu look... Soy una gran amante de los bolsos, muero por ellos... grandes, pequeños, medianos, XL, coloridos, sobrios, a rayas, multicolores... mi lista es interminable! En todo tipo de formato y material. En mi opinión, el bolso es el complemento perfecto para estar perfecta!

Abajo os dejo una selección de bolsos para un look cien por ciento! y ni hablar de esa capa que es la bomba...


Images: My Daily Style

Apr 3, 2012

Fashion Retail Innovation Conference

In Buenos Aires...

+ info...


Outfit for next friday night- shiny like a star!!

Marc Jacobs + Sephora

Marc Jacobs launched his makeup line with Sephora... For the moment, the release date has not been announced, but I bet it will be for next year!

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Bye Bye American Pie

Yesterday, I went to the Malba Museum (Buenos Aires) to look at a much awaited exhibition on American Contemporary Art, Bye Bye American Pie. About the loss of innocence of the 60´s generation, in which it explores the cutural transformation of the US through seven renowned American contemporary artists. 110 pieces, including photos and paintings. A bit heavy but worth to see it!